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The Complete Guide To Calligraphy

In this blog, we will explore what is Calligraphy, why it is popular and how can you start learning it.

What is Calligraphy?

Calligraphy means 'beautiful writing', and art to create stylized text.

Calligraphy is writing of Arabic verses as an artform, combining visual art and principles of sacred geometry to form aesthetically pleasing Art piece.

Image: Hagia Sophia, Istanbul.

Arabic Calligraphy has been used in preserving sacred text, adorn palaces, mosques and other historically important buildings. It is an art that dates back to the 8th century in Islamic world. The stature of Arabic Calligraphy is unmatched and well above all art forms in Islamic history.

Why is Vintage Calligraphy so popular ?

The reasons behind the increasing popularity of this art are due to its uniqueness, allure and attractiveness.

Calligraphy has been around for centuries and has seen a recent surge of popularity thanks to its timeless beauty and vintage appeal. But there are also other reasons behind its popularity: - It can be used to create beautiful pieces of art - It's a creative hobby - A great stress reliever!

Hand-drawn letters are more personal than digital fonts, which feel impersonal or distant. Hand lettering or Calligraphy allows your personality to shine through in your work, giving it character and making it more memorable. Vintage Calligraphy also has an element of quaintness that people find appealing as well as an aesthetic quality that makes it seem timeless and classic.

But what kind of Arabic Calligraphy is popular?

There are variety of scripts in Arabic Calligraphy.

From earliest Kufic script, which originated in Iraq as the first Islamic calligraphy script in 8th century to the later developments in Islamic calligraphy with the conquests of Ottoman empire. Following Islamic Calligraphy scripts are still very popular today.

  • Nastalik script. which has its origins in Iran.

  • Thuluth script

  • Riqa script

  • Divani script

But if you've never picked up a Calligraphy pen before, you might feel intimidated to do Calligraphy.

Luckily, the Internet is full of resources for beginners like you to learn how to do calligraphy. The first step is understanding the basic supplies that are needed to start practicing.

Calligraphy Starter Kit:

  • The most complete, all-in-one calligraphy set that includes everything you need to get started with Arabic Calligraphy.

  • A perfect gift for any occasion - birthdays, graduations, housewarming. Eid.

  • Get creative with the included work sheets and ideas book - create your own calligraphy style!

  • Create your own calligraphy work sheets with this DIY kit! It has everything you need to get started including :

  • calligraphy reed pen handmade from cane,

  • a pot of calligraphy inks that are made from all-natural pigments,

  • a set of calligraphy hand made papers,

  • a set of different-sized calligraphy ideas booklets,

  • and a beautiful quill pen for ascenders and descenders.

  • Accompanied by a link to video course,

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