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I have been studying Arts and Calligraphy  for eleven years. Tutored by the best  Turkish Calligraphy Masters and with background in portrait art , I love making use of vibrant colors in my Arabic Calligrpahy Art works.

Engraving and customization of designs and  services can be arranged on request.

Blue and Red Arabic calligraphy done in oil paints. Verse of Quran on forgiveness

Luminous letters

Of confession, vulnerability and frogiveness.


Beacuse of Love, I have become a giver of Light.


Haroof e Muqattaat

Words whose meanings are not disclosed to anyone; not to the people,nor to the Prophets.

A luminous composition done by keeping the concept of Allah`s divine light in my heart. 

Huroof muqataat from quran , arabic calligraphy from quran. art of islamic world
Asma e Husna. Names of Allah swt done in Arabic calligraphy style, Inks on paper
Beautiful arabic calligraphy of the islamic name Wardah. Get your name done in arabic calligraphy
Inks on paper arabic calligraphy
arabic calligraphy verses of Quran. Wa hu wa ala qulee shayeen qadeer, sulus script quran calligraphy
Names of Allah swt AL REHMAN, AL Raheem done in gold and black calligraphy, Acrylic painting of quranic verses
Modern arabic calligraphy with inks
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