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A Visual Ode to Rupi Kaur's Poetry

Rupi Kaur's words held me, understood me, and sparked a flicker of healing when I was losing to life.

They didn't merely describe my pain; they created a space for it to transform.


After the tears and the music, a quiet space emerged, inviting something new to enter.

I took deep breaths, ready to step back into my own body.


Intuitive drawings flowed from my hand, each stroke a visual echo of Rupi's words.

They weren't planned or perfected; they were a raw, unfiltered expression of my healing journey.

This was the beginning of my visual ode to Rupi Kaur's poetry in June 2023, a testament to the power of words to awaken, heal, and ultimately transform.

Rupi Kaur poetry. Visual ode by ayeshacalligraphy
Rupi kaur poetry inspired art of women
rupi kaur poetry on love illustrated by Ayeshacalligraphy
Rupi kaur poetry illustration by ayeshacalligraphy
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