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Folk Art Workshops to book in Istanbul.

Experience Turkish Folk Art / Calligraphy during your visit to Istanbul.

Ottoman arabic calligraphy of Quranic verse done in Sulus script. Arabic calligraphy is decorated with gold leaf tezhip border, also known as the art of illumination in Turkish. Istanbul is the art center if islamic calligraphy art.
Ottoman Arabic calligraphy. Copy rights reserved by Creative Calligraphy

Folk arts is defined as the traditional decorative arts of different cultures. It's a way to express yourself, your creativity and faith. If you're interested in learning more about the history of folk arts of Turkey then this is the article for you!

Folk arts of Turkey include miniatures, marbling and calligraphy. Calligraphy was originally used as an instrument to preserve books and manuscripts. Back then it was called "Khatt" or "Khat" which means writing with ink or pen on paper or parchment using Arabic letters (or cursive scripts).

Creative Calligraphy offers Ottoman Arabic Calligraphy workshops to those who want to experience arts from different cultures. Istanbul used to be the Art hub of Ottoman empire and its aesthetic richness is felt when you visit palaces and museums of Istanbul, Turkey.

Consider booking your workshop before coming to Istanbul to avoid any inconvenience of time slots.

The first known work done by calligraphers was when they copied down parts from the Qur'an onto parchments as well as other religious pieces such as supplications (dua) and poems written by famous poets such as Ibn al-Jawzi (died 1229 CE), who lived during the Golden Age era where he wrote more than 300 works including books about history along with poetry collections among others things too numerous hereto mention but suffice it say he was prolific beyond belief!

Our professional Calligraphy Masters will brief you on history of Ottoman Calligraphy, tools and supplies, resources, shops and books which will be helpful for your creativity.

Eco friendly, handmade supplies of Turkish calligraphy. You can buy these wood pens and inks from Creative Calligraphy shop online, Istanbul.
Wood pen used in writing vintage arabic calligraphy. Copy rights reseved by Creative Calligraphy

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