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English Bookstores in Istanbul

Best bookstores in Istanbul
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Istanbul has good english bookstores dotted around the European side

Istanbul is a city full of bookstores, cafes, book clubs and events. If you're looking to find your next favourite read or meet other book lovers then Istanbul is the perfect place for you!


For a city that's been called "the most beautiful in the world," Istanbul has surprisingly few bookstores. With the expat population of 1.35 million legally residing in Istanbul; 2023 population of Istanbul is now estimated at 15,847,768

However, those who enjoy reading and discovering new authors will find that there are still plenty of places to go for their literary needs. Here are my picks for the best bookstores in this city on seven (or more) hills.

1.D&R Bookstore:

Top 5 bookstores in Istanbul
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There are number of English bookstores which cater to expats in Istanbul. Mega bookstores like D&R are located in main malls like Istiniye Park, Kanyon mall and Vadi Istanbul. They have decent number of English books available. Prices are high compared to Pakistan. I usually buy from D&R because of its close proximity to where i live. Also, you can sit on comfy sofas and read books you intend to buy.

2. Minoa Books and Coffee

Minoa Bookstore is located in the heart of Istanbul's european side: Besiktas. It has an extensive selection of English books. making it expats favourite english bookstore in Istanbul.. If you're looking for something more than just a bookstore experience, though, head to their cafe where you can enjoy tea or coffee while reading from one of their many selections. Prices are mid to high range.

3. Goksu Dergisi

Goksu Dergisi is a small bookstore located in Kadikoy, which is a district on the Asian side of Istanbul. This bookstore specializes in selling books that are hard to find elsewhere, including many translations from other languages into Turkish. They also have a large collection of books about art and photography as well as some interesting biographies from famous people around the world.

The prices at Goksu Dergisi are quite reasonable compared to other bookstores in Istanbul; most items cost between 5-15 TL (Turkish Lira).

4. Mahmut Canturk Books

Mahmut Canturk Books is a bookshop in Istanbul, located in the historic Eminönü district. It has been around for over 100 years and has an impressive selection of books--including many rare ones. If you're looking for something specific, they can probably find it here.

The shop also features a nice cafe that serves Turkish coffee and snacks such as baklava (a flaky pastry made with layers of filo dough filled with chopped nuts) or lokum (Turkish delight).

5. Munem Wasif - The Classic Bookstore

Munem Wasif is a classic bookstore in Beyoglu, Istanbul. It's a great place to browse and buy books. They have a wide range of books from all genres, including classics and modern literature. If you're looking for something specific or just want some inspiration while browsing through their shelves, they also have an English language section where you can find everything from poetry to cookbooks!

The store itself is located right next door to the Pera Museum (which we'll talk about later). This makes it easy for tourists like us who want to see both places at once without having to go far!

Munem Wasif also hosts events regularly so if there's anything going on while you're visiting Istanbul then definitely check out their website beforehand so that they don't sell out before your arrival

6. Cihangir Kitapcilari

Cihangir Kitapcilari is a bookstore located in Cihangir, one of Istanbul's most charming neighborhoods. It sells books in Turkish and English, but don't expect to find any bestsellers here--the selection is curated with an eye toward independent publishers and local authors.

The store hosts regular readings by Turkish writers and poets, some of whom are quite established (such as Orhan Pamuk).

7. Tiryaki Bookstore

best bookstore istanbul. Tiryaki bookstore for art lovers
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Located on Asian side,this bookstore is highly recommended for Art lovers. Stocking well on art supplies, paints, gouache, vellum, ahar papers, wasli papers, japon papers, tezhip border papers, handmade nepal paper, indian inks, sumi inks, history of art books, arabic calligraphy books, workbooks, you name it..... and they served me turkish tea

The owners are very kind and prices are mid range. You will find English versions of Art books written by Ottoman masters making it a good choice for tourists who like visiting english bookstores in Istanbul.

My favourites are D&R, Tiryaki Art, and Remzi bookstore.

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