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Calligraphy to calm your anxious thoughts.

We all have heard of living in the Present moment, but many of us find it really hard to stop our over active brain. A wandering mind is more anxious and prone to think negative outcomes of every situation. Research shows a wandering/ over active mind make you less happy than a focused mind.

We spend at least half our time thinking about something other than our immediate surroundings and most of this day dreaming doesn't make us happy as shown in Research by Harvard Medical School.

But, how do we find that focus or stop our mental diarrhoea to connect to the Present moment?

There are many ways to quiet our mind, google gives number of results when you type in how to connect to the present moment. I am sharing here the method which works for me every time I want the calmness, connection, relaxation, attention, kindness and confidence within me.

  1. Find a quiet place:

To connect to the present moment I choose a quiet place in my home; which is usually a back garden. I lay my bamboo mat and set out my calligraphy tools.

2. Take deep breaths:

To relax my chattering mind and calm my body I breathe deeply. One long deep breath, followed by a short one and then exhale slowly puts me in relaxation mode. I do it 7 or 11 times.

3. Bring your Focus to something:

For me its Calligraphy, dipping my bamboo pen in Sumi ink and creating warm up strokes in which ever style I feel like doing, in that particular moment. As i dip my pen in inkwell i pause and breathe.

4. Anchor your mind :

Now, I am fully focused on my Calligraphy. I am enjoying my art, fully relaxed and connected to the present moment.

The thing about presence is to have joy in what ever you choose to do. It can be as simple as drinking your tea. Enjoy the aroma, the translucent colour, the warmth you feel in your hand while holding the cup and savour each sip.

This is how we live happy, enjoying every moment and spreading our joy to those around us.

How do you connect to the present moment? what brings you peace and joy? Please share in comments below.



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